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Hamish Bowles on Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2019

This year's Green Carpet Fashion Awards were the third iteration of the ceremony. The event took place in the Piazza della Scala in Milan.

Journey into sustainability

Various brands discuss how sustainable materials, minerals and methods can help save our planet.

Oxfam's Challenge: Don't buy brand-new clothing for 30 days

Oxfam wants their customers not to buy brand-new clothing for 30 days to cut down on the environmental impact of clothing production and, perhaps most importantly, to discover how easy,…

Forever 21 bankruptcy: Retailer is going to close up to 178 stores

Fashion retailer Forever 21 Inc said on Sunday it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to restructure its business, joining a growing list of brick-and-mortar players who have taken…

Are all the claims about Carbon Neutrality only Greenwashing?

Many fashion brands have lately announced that they are going "carbon neutral". It sounds like the most natural and straightforward solution, but things are not always so simple as they…

Kering announces full carbon neutrality

Kering has announced its ambitions to make the entire Group will become carbon neutral within its own operations and across the entire supply chain.

Meghan Markle starting her African Tour in an ethical and affordable outfit

Duchess and Duke of Sussex and their son Archie began African tour. This is their first tour as a family. And, as usual, Meghan Markle did it with style.

Gucci completely Carbon Neutral

Gucci has implemented a hierarchy of actions to avoid, reduce, restore and offset its GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions as part of a comprehensive approach to account for all its GHG…

Are Kering's sustainability efforts paying off?

Kering is making a huge effort to become a more environmentally responsible brand in the fashion industry. The brand admits that it is hard to find a balance between business…

How Sustainability is rising in value

The Fashion Pact is a non-legally binding agreement to fight greenhouse gasses and give a sustainability a more important role in the fashion industry.

Look good with a clear conscience

Here's a list of some great sustainable brands. So, enjoy shopping with a clear conscience.

Quartz// Cotton tote vs Plastic bag

But are plastic bags better or worse than paper? And what about a cotton tote? Lets rip this bandaid off right away: Theres no easy answer.

The royal power

That's just one example of how rampant the Markle sparkleis, even two years after it was first announced that she was romantically linked toPrince Harrys

Can Zara and H&M adopt?

Other cultural influencers like Marie Kondo are teaching us to "love our stuff" and begin to look at what we have with new eyes. Combine that with a strong movement…

Gucci's blackface scandal

On Sunday, just days after Gucci issued an official apology for its sweater that resembled blackface (and simultaneously pulled it from shelves), the Italian house's preeminent creative collaborator Dapper Dan…

Bangladesh reality VS Fashion week glam

I wish people knew that were fighting for a higher minimum wage right now, Akhter told me. And when she said right now, she meant it literally: Nassirs show was…

The decline of fashion week, explained

Fashion week is dead. Havent you heard? It was dying, and then it was dying some more, and kept on dying, and now its dead.

Does “Ethical Consumerism” exists?

You know that thing, where you say a word to yourself a couple dozen times in a row, and by the 25th repetition, the word doesnt signify anymore? Its just…

Upcycling design vs Fast Fashion

"At Parsons, we really want our approach to sustainability to be holistic we don't want sustainable design to be just a niche subject you can study, but a part of…

Sustainability 'sounds like a sexually transmitted disease'

The U2 frontman and anti-poverty campaigner hit out at the aid industry for making exciting ideas look really boring at the annual conference for top business, political and charity leaders…

Luxury brands' logos clones

The Revolution Will Not Be Serifised: Why Every Luxury Brands Logo Looks the Same?

Vogue's worst typo nightmare

Noor Tagouri @Noor, activist and journalist, who was photographed for the Vogue's editorial, was misinterpreted with model Noor Bukhari in print edition.

Is Tiffany's production ethical?

Could Tiffany Co. tip the scales in favor of a more transparent diamond industry? Investigating the potential impact of the brand's recently announced sourcing initiative.

Why Chanel is sueing the RealReal?

Can Silicon Valley survivor Julie Wainwrights luxury consignment company, the RealReal, save retail?