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Trench up-cycle

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 A) Dramatizing 

”IT'S A PERFECT TRENCH, DON'T even dare to cut it.” I imagine how upset and disturbed you are feeling about the idea to cut this classic Burberry fashion. And it’s not even yours. Yet, keep in mind, this beautiful coat has its own story. And the lovely business woman Tatjana, its owner, would like to add some words to that story. The item represents the category of false purchases. Why has she not decided for a vintage re-sell? To tell you honestly, she knows exactly that there are great chances for a similar mistake if she were buying a new, different one. The decision for re-designing it she sees as perfect. Clever woman, obviously :)  


B) Analyzing 

She bought it in a hurry on a business trip. How typical, right? She likes the brand a lot, although the choice for this particular coat she regretted. It is not flattering for her figure. With a rectangular body shape, Tatjana is inclined towards a more tailored design, to optically slim her waist. The simplest solution is belting; however, it’s not an optimal one. As a result of its raglan sleeves, the belt fixing gives the upper part of the coat a certain unpleasant voluminous form, as the sleeves end lower. My task is to recreate the trench by focusing on waist and sleeve issues. Reconstructing and different color blocking should upgrade the trench from a plain classic to contemporary ‘art’. 

To be continued…

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