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Men's turned into women's 

Looks so simple, yet how many times have you done it? Not a single time, right? That would be the most common answer. Which triggers my so common question: Why don't people do something when they like it? Is it fear or sloth?   

In one of my previous collections, we intentionally turned a shirt around and layered it over with a sheer muslin crop top. It was such a splendid styling idea, recommended to all who seek new adventures with a white shirt. After the fashion show, women approached me, excited about the backward shirt style. I asked them why they didn’t try it for themselves, and I could see their doubts about doing it. Like what would my partner say? What would my colleagues think? Oh no, don't let fear stop your creativity. 


So please, ladies, do it now, tomorrow at least. Pull on your white shirt BACKWARDS. Yes, backwards. Shout out to all office women especially. Your business image will not be damaged – the shirt is white and paired with classical business trousers, so who would it bother? 


Take notes: 

1.     Find a size +1 shirt, because when you turn it around, the collar cut doesn't fit your neck curve and you could find yourself getting squeezed. 

2.     Don't worry about the looseness of a bigger shirt – create a business edge with a belt. The thickness of belts is not an issue, while the number of belts is – make it two at least, the more the better, to upgrade the back action. 

3.     The trousers should be real men’s ones – redesigned/reused. Mine are:) 

"When you're buying clothes, consider them for life-time. Unless you're not buying."