{Wide wider the widest}

"Square" jumpsuit

12 days ago in Style story



Lets all remember why we like to wear the “All-in-one“. The first advantage is the split down part into trousers. So you get to wear a long dress, with extra bonus: you are able to walk freely, dance, moving around normally. Fantastic! 

Second pleasure is written in the “All-in-one“ phrase; it is ALL there in one piece, right? You don’t need to spend extra time on wizard fashion tricky style combinations. What is, for majority of women out there a heaven (not for me though). Jumpsuit is waiting, you just “jump“ in. 

Ok, there is a certain unpleasant logistic, when you hit the toilets. You have to literary undress yourself, what is particularly annoying with sleeve jumpsuit. But such logistics complications sometimes happen also with the certain kinds of dress design. On the other hand, one-time undress possibility is sometimes welcome, when there is intimate romance developing…  

All in all, jumpsuit rules! 

This one is one and only, widest to the max. Perfect of all kind of bodies. 

Take notes:

1. I am wearing a special design of a jumpsuit – its actually a square, almost a square. You see the folding effect of design, promising a lot of fun. 

2. The fabric is soft and thin allowing wide jumpsuit to actually fake a dress. If you don’t want that effect, just grab a belt and waist it. In addition if the sheering material is not appropriate simply put a slip dress under it. The low pants allow you to wear a mini skirt or dress beneath it. 

3. Whatever the occasion, Jumpy is the best partner in crime. For beach, dinner, evening scroll, party, city walk,… Bothering with the shape of your body? Stop it. The all-in-one has ALL types covered. 

“Use Style as a weapon to express Yourself and your Vision!“