{Flamingo of Japan}

In the world’s oldest hotel!

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TB to Japan last year. We were blessed to enjoy the world’s oldest hotel. Yes, the oldest in the world! Actually it is the second oldest buy hey, who cares when you get to experience the tradition of 10+ generations. Crazy fact is that the first oldest hotel is also in Japan. Obviously they are the master of running family hotel business.

So traditional yet not commercialised this more than 100 years old ryokan made my holidays in Japan. Well everything in this hotel made the trip worth it. It brings you the culture so close to you, that you start loving Japan even more. Onsen… ryokan… food… interior… rooms… people… garden… city… You got to try onsen when in Japan – traditional Japan bathing. Exquisite experience and the only thing originating only from Japan, not found in any other Asian country.  


The shoes over-packing comes to parody when you got the slippers at the reception which you should wear all day long. In addition, they give you a kimono, also to wear it all day long. How perfect and yet total opposite to our consumerism habits. I completely enjoyed the kimono & slipper days in Japan ryokan, however I broke the rules when I took these photos for Clothes with stories. 

The hotel has so many places, different stunning spots, but this deserted cafe is a fashion location scouting lottery. Look at the couch colour… The intensive shrimp/flamingo reddish pink velvet is to die for. The combination with the cherry wooden tables and chairs only spice it up. And how about this purple flower carpet. Marvellous. The whole cafe is such a retro heaven – just look at the red &white circus curtain – who on the earth would possibly match that circus fabric to the pinkie couch. Guessing that someone put them there accidentally, but hey, it gives you a super funky vibe and I want to copy the idea for my next home. 

If you are in Japan, the vintage shopping is a must. I wear vintage pleated pants in pale pink, interior inspired. I matched them with laces – violet/burgundy slipping dress and black lace boots. The elastic blue belt with the clamp in the shape of butterfly is vintage too. This is my favourite shooting spot as my favourite styling too. In the first photo I even manage to improvise the typical flamingo pose while sitting and I managed it quite well:)     

Take notes: 

1. Slipping dresses have not been for slipping since… like 10 years or more. When you are buying it, you should include also the criteria for wearing it as an evening piece.

2. Culottes are out of trend, finally a signal for me to wear them. That is how it goes. Don’t follow the mass. Let other follows you. Or what the heck, who cares who follows who, just be original!

3. Visit japan. It will reset your standards of beauty and lifestyle. Plus, find some old vintage second-hand  flamingo piece. Or a new one -just make it last for ever.    


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