{Skirt- over- pants-re-do}

Refresh the old layering skill

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This lace skirt is the “IT skirt“, so, so multi-practical, I’ll show you in time… you know, re-use, re-style, re-think!! This is my second outfit with it. Never mind the vintage look, the skirt goes beyond it, placing old charm as a contemporary advantage. Of course, its design, length and color speak for themselves. At least that’s how I see it, and nothing is absolute, so if you have noticed any other aspects, please let me know in the comments below (that goes for all my posts, of course).

Here and now, I want to focus especially on the style layering which is enabled with our golden mom's skirt. Usually I would rather disagree with “skirt-on-trousers” layering decisions, though there are some rare occasions where I would boldly go for it. And this is one case (well, honestly, this is my first case, actually;)). 


Take notes:

1. The length is crucial. Yeah, this over-the-knee/to-the-ankle-length skirt gives the seal of elegance, providing further experimenting. The optical illusion is favorable to your body, giving you additional centimeters in height by taking them from your width. Try the same with the knee-length skirt, to prove my example of a non-favorable body figure.  

2. Take special care about the colors. Not sure whether this could work in all red or mixing dark colors, for example. I am kind of assuming that the combination of this thick blue lace and black leather pants is also a winning combination. Nevertheless, the simplicity of pastel colors makes everything so much easier. These three are a dream team, pastel green, pink and blue. So fresh, soft and light, they’re in total equilibrium with the heavy appearance of an oversized spring coat. I even matched the shoes, though black or brown sandals would fit just as well. 


3. Last but not least. Cover it all, make it discrete. Sounds stupid, yet it has a point. Similar to the advice of Coco Chanel: check at the mirror before you leave, and remove something from your outfit. On the contrary, here we do not add, we conceal it. Such skill is much more comprehensive, plus it demands the perfect smooth piece, like a 007 secret agent. Doesn’t that oversized coat of mine do the concealing just perfectly? That’s what I’m talking about… What did you notice first in the styling? The pants under the skirt or the coat? The answer should be the coat… 

Wearing: pants and top (& Other Stories), skirt & coat (SimonaLampe), heels (Cesare Paciotti)

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