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This extends my previous writing on shirt-wise beach wear packing. This peachy shirt is my no.1 multi-purpose shirt, deserving a solo post. 

Especially if you use skates as a means of transportation like we did. And we brought skates from Europe to Mauritius, of course, haha, very optimistic. Our expectations of skating around the island were soon shattered, as the high humidity prevents longer distances. Anyway, it was perfect for cruising around the bungalow settlement area.  


Here I am all peachy, opening up a further beach-y dilemma. Swimsuit!! 

Currently I own two swimsuits. The high waist peach one and the criss-cross blue one. I lack some classics, a minimalist black or white one. Not sure how that happened, really. Obviously I was in a period of a criss-cross swimming + attention-seeking maneuver… yeah, I admit I attract many eyes with these pieces on, asking me where I’d bought them. 

Take notes:

1.     The average rule of how fashion is treated is applying that garment’s purpose is primarily to hide our body’s weaknesses. As a fashion designer, I am confronted daily with such misleading opinions of women. But hey, with a little bathing cloth on your butt, there is really not much to hide anymore, right? So, how do you decide which one is perfect? OR Is it possible, that even with swimsuits you can persuade yourself that there is an ideal one? Like, “no, no bikinis are not for me, as my waist is unusually high” or “classic cut fits me the best, as it makes my legs looks longer” I mean, really? Really? Honestly, everybody will notice your body weaknesses no matter what kind of suits you are wearing… but this is very optimistic news! Now, you can relax and enjoy styling, creating, and experimenting… go, go, go! 

2. Pick the color expressing your character. There is no fashion rule or latest trend that can determinate color better than your soul. Well, after all, this is the case where you are showing the most of your naked body publicly, so go for it – decide how you want to sparkle. Me, being all peachy definitely expresses my lively, adventure-seeking character; a big nerd.  

3. Still a constant struggle how to proceed when boredom hits the shirts-area. Is this the point where people decide not to go on seaside holidays anymore? I could totally perceive this solution. This year we spent our summer holiday in Montana and New York, leaving the beach at home.  

"Fashion as Industry may disappoint, but Fashion as Art always inspires."