{Beach-wear provisioning}

Liberation in Mauritius

20 days ago in Style story


MY MAURITIUS HOLIDAYS one year ago were a beach-style liberation… Still not crossed over but close to the ideal of “How to pack for sea holidays”.

What do you usually wear over a swim-suit? There are those typical jersey mini beach dresses, right? Or jean shorts. What else do we have? Maxi dresses or short overalls? Oh, yeah, must not forget the white mini dresses, linen or cotton laced…do you have those? I am soooo bored! I’ve been playing the game, yet in constant searching for a differential quotient to this obvious average. My last “invention” was a mixed-color shape print fringy cape. 


And then shirts happened. More precisely, re-used shirts stepped in. Vintage, second hand, pre-loved… call them what you want. What counts is a) size +1, b) less tailored.  Yes, non-tailored are better, the ones from your dad or big auntie. Look how a cowboy velour shirt prospers when paired with a swimsuit and jeans. 


Take notes: 

1. The swimsuit makes your body sexy enough so don’t waste your time over-dressing with any sexy little thing! 

2. Shirts are multi-functional! Do you get it, ladies? And we are talking about factor x3= beach, evening & travel purposes. Extra jeans and a black pair of trousers, short or long, will do all of your evening events and (airport) traveling ready to go.  

3. Going further, oversizing does a visual good to your body in any case –plus or minus a few extra pounds. What’s important is that the shirt is buttoned down! Material fluffing around your skin creates imaginative perceptions. Ok, you want to create the effect of a dress? Then just tighten the belt around your waist and that’s it, don’t button it up, as it would kill the “beach freedom easy going” vibes… 

“Use Style as a weapon to express Yourself and your Vision!“