{All in (one) two!}

It's a jump-dress situation

today in Style story


IT'S TWO MERGED CASE STUDIES: first, how to upgrade your bohemian dress and not look ready for Coachella at the same time; second, if layering is able to pass the exam without coats, jackets, cardigans, etc. I am intentionally avoiding bohemian outfits, so the first rule when dressed in a romantic down-to-the-ground dress is to roughen it a bit. 

With a shirt-collar finish this jumpsuit is giving a hint of an androgenic touch, just enough to modernize the 60s look. Plus, the high V-neck of that dress got properly covered. From this point forward the shoes and other accessories will determine the grade of the androgyny: with flat men’s shoes and a hat you nailed it, though I decided here for classy high heels to gain height and elegance.   


Take notes:

1.  This happens when you cannot choose a jumpsuit over a dress and vice versa. And yes, it’s allowed! You want to go for a jumpsuit to be more ready to move, yet on the other hand a dress will give you the feminine advantage, ready to flirt (even if we are married, we should not forget to flirt with our husbands, which keeps relationships alive :) ).

2. Pay attention to the materials and cuts of both pieces. The lower piece should keep pace with the upper, whereas the optimal combination is chiffon on chiffon. It is the lightest and softest material which will not give you a heavy feeling or an overweight look. Further, the tailored cut of the jumpsuit underneath is relevant for layering success. 

3. Less than 1.75 m tall ― heels warmly recommended, and don’t regret possible hole damage. I did step on the dress at the photo shooting, mingling only with myself :/

Wearing: Silk floral dress, jump suit (both Simona Lampe), Louboutins

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