{Sleeving & Scarfing Fun}

The length counts

25 days ago in Style story


THOSE SLEEPY FOGGY days during winter… used to hate it back then when I wore a “business suit“. A financial office's interior usually looks so depressed when there are no sun rays filtering through, have you noticed? Ok, an office with a view of the river, just like the one in my photos, makes a difference, but hey – better stop dreaming, how many are there? 

An all-white snowy landscape is one to overcome any kind of foggy winter day without sun, so I would help myself with a light-colored outfit to bring me optimism and fight depression. Pick what you like the most, if your inspiration is black, then so be it. “Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day“, as fashion icon and editor Carine Roitfield said on her Instagram account. There are many forms of bad days, and fog & cold weather was one of mine. Was? Yes, now as an artist, changing my workplace daily, I feel like a free bird, and the boredom of the office is not an issue any more. My bad days now? Ahh, still many – but hey, that means also many reasons to work on good outfits:)


Take notes:

1. Sleeving helps to fight the cold. What is “sleeving“ anyway? My definition is two wide sleeves or three normal long sleeves in one outfit. Every so often, though, when it’s freezing out there, I choose to be in a “dressing down“ position rather than a “chilled to the bone“ situation. So, my beige wool suit has relatively wide sleeves, and with it I can’t put on any kind of tight winter jacket or coat without feeling hemmed in. This kind of sleeve on that marvelous silver grey coat is like winning the lottery. 

2. Muffled up in loooong scarf. What is the average length of a scarf? One to 1.5 meters? How boring. Get yourself a longer one, much looonger. Of course, it may give you some trouble during walking or (un)dressing, but it provides fun and such a warm feeling of being safe from all the cold of the universe:) 

3. The domino effect of a light-colored outfit on a foggy day helps with survival – not just your own, but also others’. You’ll see the reaction of others, the positive vibes. It’s like you would pour sunny rays or sprinkle snowflakes throughout the workplace.  


Remember, there are no beautiful or ugly people, each of us is piece of art.