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Maxi skirt & white shirt

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I AM NOT SURE WHETHER IT'S PLAID or Sherlock Holmes I have a crush on. It was the end of the 19th century when Sherlock’s tartan was invented and the down-to-the-ground skirt in fashion. The bigger and wider it was the better, with few underskirts, steel crinolines or bustles beneath it to make women’s hips full. 

Today the signal of femininity does not translate to hips’ measurement any more. Or at least not to such an extent (well, with the exception of Kim Kardashian?!). And tartan is a much less popular textile sample. But I love it. Especially when it comes to oversized bold patterns like this one. In my neo-detective imagination, I see Carry Bradshaw assisting Sherlock in a New York adventure. What I miss in those photos are a pipe and magnifying glass. I have them in a plexiglass 2D version, so be prepared for some extra stylings published in the future :)  

Take notes:

1.   Bored with evening dresses? Give long wide skirts a chance, with a high belt to form a silhouette of the body well. Furthermore, if you are not attending a Rotary charity ball, feel free to skip a monochrome skirt and pick a bold pattern to attract attention.  

2. The perfect pairing with maxi skirts are plain white shirts. Simple and adorable, giving your appearance a bit of a girly touch. Also bored with white shirts? Tie a knot into a bow around the collar. Or take up a pattern on the pattern challenge.


3.   An extra bonus with a down-to-the-ground skirt is that your legs can count on some rest from high heels. Go for any kind, ballets, lace-up brogues, sneakers... I prefer the retro style of tasseled loafers the most for a Sherlock-inspired look.



Wearing: tartan long skirt Simona Lampe, white shirt Hugo Boss, tasseled loafers Dune London, 'home-made' bow [all mine]

“Show me your Clothes, and I will tell you Who You Are!“