{Coat on coat love affair}

Layering for each body figure

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THE ONE AND ONLY reason for having doubts when it comes to moving to L.A.: Coats! The queen of a woman’s wardrobe. Wrapping yourself in it already in September and having an affair all the way until early April here in Europe is pure addiction. How many coats are enough coats? If you enjoy layering you cannot  skip the double coat experiment. 

The first precondition for experimental success is a suitable coat cut ― avoid extra tailored and do include at least one oversize. The oversized coat can be tightened afterwards with a belt, like in this example of mine, but that's not necessary. 

The second precondition is a suitable temperature ― max 5° C (41° F) or lower, explaining the L.A. issue. Still, I would probably be able to trade wool for California dreaming with a cotton-trench kind of layering.  

Take notes:

1. Don't be misled by the perception that coat over coat must make you look heavier. I was for a long time. It’s against the laws of physics for certain. However, it’s not about double weight, it’s about volumes. The fluffy effects around your body provide a visional effect giving a misleading picture of your body shape, whether you are over- or under-weight. 

2. The coat is not to be considered only as outerwear; a light cashmere non-button version of it works perfectly as a winter kind of dress. 

3. Color-mixing appreciated, any kind please ― it’s a cold winter out there, so please give us a warm color hello :) Don’t doubt fashion rules, they totally support you.


Wearing: shell down coat Cerruti, oversized purple coat Simona Lampe, over-the-knee boots Dune, sun-glasses Caroline Abram Paris [all mine]


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