{Stripes over lace}

Evening to daily transition

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Here we go again. Upcycle, redesign, reuse, restyle, recycle, change old to new, wear for ever. For the environment sake and at most for your creativity sake. And uniqueness!

I stand firmly to motivate you all for redesigning your old clothes. Even more now after latest print issue of National geographic: “Planet or plastic“. Oh, yeh, we have a problem, a huge problem. We gone mad with plastic production and consumption.

Here are some heart-breaking data, via National geographic, issue 06.2018:
1. Production of plastic has come at a breakneck pace: virtually half of the plastic ever manufactured has been made in the past 15 years!
2. 18 billion pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean each year!
3. More than 40% of it is used just ONCE, then tossed!
4. The working life of a plastic bag is 15 minutes!
5. We recycle ONLY 18% of plastic, up from nearly zero in 1980.

I won’t be digging further. Each human being should become more responsible consumer with consciousness relationship with our environment. No doubt our brilliant minds of science will deliver some super futuristic solution to save our waste problem, sooner or later, anyway our obligation toward earth and future generations needs our actions now.

My Instagram followers have been noticed lately that I started to post about companies with the sustainable solutions in fashion production and about sustainable brands. I am thrilled to learn how much progress have we made. Check #sustainabilityoffashion or #SoF for all the posts.

The last post is about econylon. It is amazing recycling solution for old nylon to be used again and again in an infinitive circle. Maybe the waste is the solution not our problem, as they proudly present their vision. We deeply bow to their courage and hope they will inspire as many designers and brands as possible.

Sustainable fashion is future. And you all, don’t forget to ask: “Who made my clothes?“ “What are my clothes made of?“ Follow @fashionrevolution.

Last but not least, my outfit. Lace, lace, stripes, lace….

Take notes:
1. Lace dress is typical categorised as evening dress, right? This one is a little exception. Its length and different up/down lace pattern gives it the chance of daily wear as well.

2. Remember this magical B&W striped skirt with high cut and stick in waist only? The multipurpose champion! Now if you want to pump it up your full lace look, get yourself one quickly. Stripes on thick material will always give a serious elegance contribution to whatever outfit you may have. The lace – stripe relationship is the strongest one.

3. Consider wearing jersey top beneath transparent lace whenever wherever. It’s damn cool. Again the material contrast provide the tricking bond. Style “Bond“;)

"When you're buying clothes, consider them for life-time. Unless you're not buying."