{Magic of Dracula cape}

Oversized + : cleavage, tote and cape

7 days ago in Style story


First, how many of you have ever considered buying a cape? The magician-style one, yes, yes, full-length, reaching to the ground. Of course not, none of you. How can a Dracula sleeveless coat ever make you fashionable except on Halloween?   

Next one, how many of you are still showing deep cleavage? I hope not many:) 

And totes? The big, bigger, maxi? Ah, serve yourselves, all of you, I hope. 


This cape intrigued me especially from the up-cycling point of view. I held this huge coat in my hands, feeling so desperate for a full make-over. I could have re-designed it into two coats. But something crossed my mind. I love life especially for moments like these. So small, with no impact for the whole universe and our global destiny, yet so big for the style delights of our short life. 

Capes are a very complicated piece of clothing, demanding extra tolerance. No one wants to give a Batman impression, and they aren’t even actually warm, right? 


Take notes: 

1. Keep in mind three facts: first, if you need to impress, go for it. Second, opt for extra-long and monochromatic. And last, do not wear them in the winter, except when you layer a coat beneath – a lesson we will learn in the next post.    

2. Showing deep cleavage is out of date, triggering us to wear it, right? But there’s a new player in the game of sophisticated cleavage showing (or not): the skin-colored, partly-transparent top. Have you noticed anything else important? The dress with a V-neck is loose, which is the real pre-condition for “showing off your tits“.   


3. Details always (dis)prove the style image. Since it’s hard to define rules, I would prefer to say each of the billions of stylings in the world ask for special details. And there are always more of them as a solution. But don’t panic! My choice of details here is crucial, so that I don’t look like Batman: a maxi tote, black leather pants and black and white Celine sandals. What would you pick? 

Still not so sure about how my decision of making a cape out of an ’80s coat changed my life, or the life of others? Never mind. Imagine me becoming a magician one day. Or a witch, oh my. Or even better, to style and design for one of the top circus in the world, Cirque du Soleil. Did you know that the Slovenian costume designer Alan Hranitelj really had a chance to work with them? The story goes that he sent them a proposal with the sketch book of a whole collection. And boom, 3 years later they called him up. Three years… how tricky destiny can be, right?! Never give up! Never!    


“To build a Style is like raising a Child; start as early as possible & never give up.”