{Post American election style}

Blue-collar win

17 days ago in Style story


I am writing this in the post-election days of America, with Trump’s surprising win. There the blue-collar class determined the result and here, it determines my outfit. Mirroring the working-class attire, the long sleeveless coat somehow up-cycles the idea of a typical manufacturer’s blue overalls. The whole blue toning of the photos creates a positive working spirit.

As a creative freelancer, I don’t wear uniforms myself, but I experienced wearing them during my summer holidays at secondary school while working in a factory producing electro facilities. Also my dad, as a wood engineer, used to wear blue overalls a lot.


Before writing this post, I had to do some dictionary research. I needed to survey the term for my upper part, "coat with no sleeves". Due to its characteristics (sleeves-off + V neck + no-collar), I could have easily gone for my first choice of "vest".  But that comes across too much as having a cowboy feel. I could tell that fashion had invented a new expression & re-used an old one, and I was right, according to Wiki:

“A gilet is a sleeveless jacket resembling a waistcoat or blouse. Currently, a gilet is a sleeveless jacket or vest. They may be waist- to knee-length, and are typically straight-sided rather than fitted. However, historically, they were fitted and embroidered. In a further derivation, in 19th-century dressmaking a gilet was a dress bodice shaped like a man's waistcoat.“


Another place which is today’s best urban fashion dictionary is a “net-a-porter” shop. When you get confused with terminology, be practical, and check the biggest fashion online retailers for various expressions. At least you will have an official excuse if you use the wrong name;)

Take notes:

1. Upgrade a gilet with a belt, though the waist belt position is not appreciated. Somehow the lower one, at butt height, is the one to go for.

2. Make it knee-length or longer. With a thicker textile, the result will be a nice sleeveless coat, which is a closet-must. 

3. The design should follow a non-tailored, over-size cut, providing the most manufacture-attire first impression.

“Use Style as a weapon to express Yourself and your Vision!“