{Split it down the middle}

Longer legs trick

today in Style story


IT IS TIME TO TALK about body figure struggles every woman is exposed to. My typical ‘weight’ problems derive from an unbalanced body structure, having a skinnier upper part of the body compared to the lower. So at first glance I would always deceive you, looking slimmer than I really am, especially when my outfits cover the slight disproportion of mine. Every time I gain my forbidden 3 kg, it’s like it goes straight to my thighs. Anyway, I try not to complicate my life over such trivialities, and wear what I like even if it means exposing the weaker side of my body.

When I find a piece such as these trousers they take a frequent spot in my closet. Of course, they are a safe choice, just as black is for most of people. 

Black, split, tight, etc. All in all, whatever we do, no 'longer legs' effect without ladies’ heels, for sure :)

Take notes:

1.   Split trousers or leggings will always give a pleasant effect of longer & slimmer legs. Split in colors or split literally in the middle of the trouser leg. Recommended for all women with "hiding-muscular-legs" styling issues. 

2.   Two important details must not be overlooked: the textile of the trousers should be thicker & mixed with less elastin compered to usual cotton leggings. 

3. A plaid shirt is included in this styling not at all for purpose of background matching (!), but only to present the “square on lines” pattern mixing possibilities. You should definitely try it, and stick to the same color sample, especially when you pick a third color for your shoes and a fourth for your jacket. 


Wearing: leggins BCBG MaxAzria, vintage Dior wool jacket, plaid cotton-blend shirt Zara, wool top Benetton, pumps Christian Louboutin


"Fashion as Industry may disappoint, but Fashion as Art always inspires."