Pride and Prejudice of Women’s Rights

yesterday in Style story

Watching the movie Pride and Prejudice the other day overwhelmed my heart with pure joy, a beautiful ode to love. Furthermore, three things were in focus: the Bennet sisters’ liveliness, the compassion between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and the costumes. Oh yes, the beautiful maxi skirts with crinolines. 

Down-to-ground gowns, as the only piece of clothing women actually wore, are long gone. Their heaviness with all the layers of underneath linings would be totally impractical for today's living. Excellent Dior, in the era of Galliano, reminds us of the gracefulness women were once entitled to. Vanished into history, but the trace of them was brought back and should stay. Maxi skirts are the jewels of varied purpose dressing. Keep that in mind! Skirt, dress and poncho are the main characters of transforming in this article. With further experimentation, the skirt could also be designed in a way to re-function into pants or a jacket. Yes indeed! We will disclose it in future posts, watch these steps. 

Take notes of two crucial distinctions:

First, the pattern of the plaid. Stay away from typical traditional scottish tartan colors and structure. By its historical look, it will give you the unnecessary grandma look. I say “might“, but if you like it, just go for it. Heard a million times before, it doesn't count if it suits you, all that counts is HOW YOU WEAR IT. I’ve seen women stuck into long skirt, with a miserable look in their eyes constantly doubting their decision. Their prejudice towards maxi skirts did the damage of being able to accept them. Some women just can't get over the “legs and butt“ tight outfit. I was among them once...haha, boring. 

Second, the fabric. The lighter the better, yet too much fluffing might spoil the party in celebrating women’s pride. While on the other hand, the more thick the better, but be couscous with over thickness not to disfigure our fight for »sexual« prejudice. 

The self standing fabrics like organza should serve this intention perfectly. The darker colors will improve your pride scale (based on the index of self-perception that makes us look taller) and to-the-ground-length will phase down women prejudice (based on the index of women in favor of naked skin shown). 

And no, the maxi skirt rules of wearing do not relate to your height. I mean, c'mon, we are in 2019!!! Let’s overcome the past PREJUDICE and wear the maxi skirts with PRIDE. GmbH

“Use Style as a weapon to express Yourself and your Vision!“