Oxfam's Challenge: Don't buy brand-new clothing for 30 days

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Oxfam has issued a 'Second-Hand September' challenge

By Katherine Martinko, Treehugger.com, September 2019

Don't buy any new clothing for 30 days and discover the wonders of the thrift shop.

British charity Oxfam has issued a challenge called Second-Hand September. They want their customers not to buy brand-new clothing for 30 days to cut down on the environmental impact of clothing production and, perhaps most importantly, to discover how easy, fun, and cost-effective this practice can be.

Oxfam has partnered with model Stella Tennant to promote the challenge. She and her daughter Iris pose in a range of photos, made to look like a conventional fashion shoot while wearing second-hand shop finds.


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“Show me your Clothes, and I will tell you Who You Are!“