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 Minimalism vs. Basic Instinct

Here is my big fashion puzzle: is minimalism inborn or imparted in our culture? Have you ever examined that? Is such an issue even questionable? 

You’re probably expecting me to present a color mixing/overdressed situation… nope, the open back detail gives me a better issue. When it comes to designing evening outfits for my customers, their majority wish would go like this: “Can I have deep cleavage (that’s a must) and an open back (also deep, of course) at the same time?” I’m talking about an 18–35-year-old on average and it goes up to 50, quite unbelievably, I know. I bet it would go even higher if the back & breasts just held their quality longer. Well, according to my theory, those ladies have not yet been educated about the “less is more” style rule. To the contrary, they are driven by the rule of nature, aka the basic instinct rule. 


It has been common practice for centuries for the back of the female body to be exposed, focusing on the lower back in fashion design. The lower back lies in the center of our body, creating its pivot. The whole curvature form gives a special movement, as it was to be a part of the human pairing ritual. In painting we frequently find naked women posing from a back profile as nudity of only the back is more easily accepted in many cultures. 


Let’s get back to my puzzle… everything derives from the primary rule of nature: reproduction. What the ladies have been asking regarding their evening dresses is based on: “The more I show, the better the chances I will be re-produced.” Well, read between the lines. Minimalism on the contrary stimulates human pairing with a slower pace. The crazy boldness of Gucci’s new CGP is perfectly indicating an inner human towards “more is more” tendencies. 


Furthermore, is an all-black outfit maxi- or mini-malistic? Have you considered that already? Funny how many declared all black as minimalism… hm, is a black panther giving you the impression of mini or maxi? Oh my, trying to be 'minimalistic' here, but am I getting anywhere at all? 

I’ll leave it for now, let you think of these issues and will be happy to hear your thoughts. 

P.S. The BB effect (Breast-Back) is having some technical issues, and will be a perfect topic in the next article of the “BACK” category. 

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