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“Yeah, the world is mine tonight..“

TRIANGLE LACE INSERTS in the dress visuales strong statement of the person wearing it. There is defenitely some ambitious iniciatives to take on tonight.

Form of three spike edges is usually interpreted as a connection of opposits, bad and good. Consequently it has been a favoritely used geometric shape in history of art. It is suppose to symbolizes a fire turned up, and a water turned down.

I found additional meanings like men and women, dragon’s eye, etc. Searching for triangles in architecture, you will find amazing buildings, starting way back with world’s top puzzle – pyramids. In the fashion design world triangles are still a key inspirations found on repeat in many collections every season.

EL FRISO by Matilde Perez Cerda

{A piece of art El Friso constructed for the Centro Comercial Apaumanque in 1982, now located at the University of Talca made by Matilde Pérez Cerda, chilean kinetic artist, painter, sculptor and visual artist.}

The triangles in dress which I wear was ispired by folds of triangles in umbrella. Its sheer combination with a sport mesh is a contemporay take on classic lace dress. It brings out the playful & seductive attitude of modern women. Up and down pointed directions of triangles indicate balance and is giving me some much needed inner harmony.

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Tableau I- Lozenge with Four Lines and Gray by Peit Mondrian

{World felt as geometric forms by Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), artistic form expressed in art work, 1926, Oil on canvas}

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