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Field Notes: Nature’s Candy

By Tracey Greenstein,, September 2019

Various brands discuss how sustainable materials, minerals and methods can help save our planet.

That’s why sustainable jewelry companies such as Melissa Joy Manning, a California-based brand that practices a zero-waste design process, incorporates recycled metals, sustainably sourced stones and handcrafted jewelry in her Green-certified studio in Los Angeles, “seeks to redefine what ‘precious’ means.”

“Our first commitment was to 100 percent recycled metal. Then we pursued our studio’s green certification. Our journey into sustainability has never stopped — we are zero waste, we carbon offset every box we ship and we use responsibly sourced stones whenever they exist. We now even offer company bicycle repair kits to alternative commuters! In pushing people’s perceptions of ‘precious,’ we have also led the way for the industry to be cleaner and more responsible. I actively share my resources and mentor many designers who want to improve — this is isn’t about me or my work, it’s about all of us and our planet. I passionately believe that It’s only in cumulative change that we will make a difference,” Manning, founder of Melissa Joy Manning, told WWD

On the other hand, Pertex, an ingredient brand, is experimenting with better and more sustainable fabric blends, with the release of new materials made from 100 percent recycled nylon and 100 percent recycled polyester. The company just announced its sustainability goals, which are focused on the reduction of demand for virgin raw materials and increased interest in materials from recycled waste streams. They want to reduce energy and water consumption, and eliminate potentially harmful chemicals.

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Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Joy Manning and Pertex

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