Hamish Bowles on Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2019

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Vogue’s Own Renaissance Man, Hamish Bowles, Shares the Backstory of This Year’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards

By Laird Borrelli-Persson, Vogue.com, September 2019

This year's Green Carpet Fashion Awards were the third iteration of the ceremony. The event took place in the Piazza della Scala in Milan.

According to Hamish Bowles, the creative director of the event, sustainability has to be an essential part of the dialogue. The Amazon is on fire. We have seen what’s happening in the natural world and it is linked to forces that we can in many ways regulate, control, and mitigate against if we work very, very proactively and very, very, very fast. I think the design community is now extremely aware of that and mindful of the negative environmental impacts of our industry, and it’s great that designers and brands—from the smallest postgraduate student collections to the largest global luxury brands—are implementing programs to regulate and be mindful about supply chains and sustainability and their imprint.

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