{50 Shades, part 2}

of 1 Dries van Noten

14 days ago in Style story

As I said in previous post (read here) the grey shaded blazer is the easiest coupled with jeans. The second safe bet are black or white colors. I allowed myself to push a little further and styled the grayish “boy“ with both, black and white.

Let’s see how it works.

1. Grey + black & white:
I chose black pants and white shirt, what most of you would, right? The colors are actually the opposite end of grey scale, that what makes this look almost perfect. Almost - that is like 80 percent. The other 20 splits among few factors: thin black trim on shirt’s collar, lace turtle neck top under shirt, wide pants, golden earrings.

{Image 2}

2. Grey + mini skirt:
The idea of wearing blazer as a shirt tucked into skirt or pants is just great, yet quite hard to execute since blazer are made of thicker fabric. Imagine being stacked at the waist are of body, the volume that would add you. So it is usually appropriate style to go for extra slimy ones.

But here I somehow pull it off with the simple mini skirt with the elastic in the waist which covers the extra volume successfully in combination with the faux leather&s gentle folds. Again 80 percent, while the residue accounts for Celine black and white lace ups, red lips and more than 30 years old briefcase from my father.


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