{Fringe Confession}

Stripes suit + fringing

24 days ago in Style story

“What is my purpose in life? Does each one of us have a special meaning in this world?“ Do you ever torture yourself with such philosophical questions? Question with no answer. There are plenty of possible answers though, but we never get the ONE. Or do we? Is it written for us in other shapes? Should you feel it?  

Wondering about the meaning of life always brings me to the same conclusion: do what you love, be passionate, feel alive. Yet I see people struggle to figure out what they urge for, what their true purpose of life is. The Scorsese’s movie Hugo is a perfection in this matter, observing how a complicated life shows you the answers. And how you never ought to stop searching for them.

Hugo, an orphan, was a clock-maker due to his family tradition. His dedication to clocks was impeccable, influencing his life path completely. He figured out eventually that his destiny is to fix broken things. Here I am, thinking of the exact same thing. My obsession with redesigning old clothes has something more to say about my life. I am prepared to dedicate my life to that, expressing my wish to fix things, not only old clothes but also our planet. Only 5% of wasted clothes are able to be recycled, the percentage of upcycling is not available but I believe it is, sadly, much smaller. I am here in this world to help this statistics change, improve. I can feel it in my guts!

So, let's do this. Redesigning men suits are my favorite - the striped ones are cherries on the top. Fringing both the jacket and pants is a bold move, similar to Hugo’s devotion to fix the robot, the only heirloom his father left him. It was only then that he saw the answer. The puzzle was solved, the suit revived. Fringes are prolonged stripes. They are like body’s veins, stretching and trying to become endless.

The equations of my redesigning are unexplainable, something of higher sense. I admit I talk to clothes. We sit, we feel and smell each other... Only then I dare to take scissors in my hands in order to give them new form of life. There are too many clothes already designed on this planet to have any rational reason to design/buy something completely new. A shocking truth I haven't yet faced completely. So, I cannot imagine how that goes with your consciousness?!



“Choose well, start Restyling & Redesigning; it's part of Fashion Sustainability.“