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Evening gowns can be upcycled too

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My royal blue gown is redesigned from 3 pieces. Does that make it less beautiful? On the contrary, right?! 
The blue lace shirt is 80’s second hand piece quite useless honestly as a solo cloth. Then we have mini skirt derived from a mini dress – upper part of the dress is being put on hold for further upcycling. The rest of the fabric is a leftover of my usual designing.


It is a sustainable PR war out there, so it seems. We are past Earth day, past Fashion revolution week, so has been the 5 years since the factory Rana Plaza had collapsed with more than 1,000 dead… the tragedy that reveal the truth about fashion sweatshops. Has anything really changed since?
The topic of unfair labouring and environmental pollution of fashion industry is more and more exposed. That is the most crucial, to build consciousness via media. Honestly, the companies will not improve if the consumers will not demand the ethical production’s transparency. The fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M are the proof of people naivety and greediness. “New is better than old” kind of shit. No matter who pay the real price/cost.

The game changer of the industry is certainly Ms. Livia Firth, founder of Eco age and Green carpet challenge. Her devotion is amazing and contagious. Even to me, the brain struck came only after I saw a movie True Cost (see it on Netflix or download it here: https://truecostmovie.com). Honestly ground-breaking, explaining the fashion fairy tale’s dark side so explicate I just stared and started to cry like a little girl. If that was the goal of documentary, very well accomplished. However, they somehow overseen the opportunity to educate people with the alternative options of slow fashion consumption. Friends who I advise to watch the movie have asked me for the advice what to do, how to shop, how to act sustainable in fashion. They'd all missed this learning throughout the movie. If we have to change something, let’s tell people big time. They don’t have time to figure it out by themselves. We are living fast; the solutions should come fast too. To make up for the end of movie I summon up the main activities which lead toward more rational consumption and less environmental damage. Please do read carefully and start acting asap. 

Take notes: 

Rules of sustainable fashion consuming: 
1. Buy quality brand & high-end brand
2. Buy second-hand & vintage
3. Wear for ever = redesign, upcycle, restyle
4. Avoid fast fashion = copycats = slavery labour
5. Ask “Who made my clothes “ 
6. Support local designers


Clothes is your mirror, folks, don't mess it up! You are wearing shit, you will deliver shit. Style is art. You are piece of art. Keep that in mind!! 

”Learn about 17 Sustainable Development Goals of UN and be part of creating a better world!”