{Crescent Moon}

Marine Serre

30 days ago in Must have

Marine Serre

“Must-haves“ are so busted. They aren't must-haves at all. They are we “must-not-haves“ and that is why we need them even more in our everyday life.

In my eyes “must-have“ pieces are creations which we barely affordable. They are either too expensive or too extravagant. They are art. Would we care to mark a simple black blazer, suit or coat as must-have pieces? The obvious does not take place in our memory as a “must“. Must is for dreaming, for those special visual sparkles which feed your lack of imagination; for our secret personality which might never be revealed. MUST-HAVE. Do you feel the weight of the words? Take a few minutes to reconsider them, please.

Fashion world is so complicated, even gross sometimes. Its problem is in intersection between ordinary people and artists. In general, art intersects with very intellectual, open-minded people. Consequently, also other population stays detained and respectful towards artists. “Monet sucks“ you will never hear among masses, yet “Burberry is shitty“ you will, and surprisingly it may come out of a mouth of a total non-expert in fashion. Those same people would understand “must-haves“ as a “must-have“ indeed. Like you do not mix blue and black. Or red and pink or violet. Like someone would be saying, that Monet painted one flower too much, or too blue, unless the picture would be just perfect.

And here comes the big difference. Rare are those who can afford Monet and the rest can buy fakes. But you will not brag about a fake Monet. Yet when you buy fast fashion brands these days, people are able to swagger over some perfect knock-off, not even knowing that it is a fake or even worse - not even caring whether it is or not. Heartbreaking. Ah, these subjective themes of a subjective visual perception...

And look at me, I, who should've written a few sentences about my chosen MUST-HAVE, as usual, I started developing a philosophy.

So, look at this piece of art by designer Marine Serre. The overall tights. It brings the craziness out of you, making you jump literally, this moonshine jumpsuit. The logo of crescent moon has the special cultural meaning representing Islamic religion, but it is lucratively playing with the sport logo at the same time. The French designer was awarded LVMH prize in 2017 for her collection Radical Call for Love, influenced by the terrorist attack in Paris.

“It’s something for me that is a beautiful form, and then in another way it’s referring to a sportswear brand. So it’s also just playing with what is fashion today and playing also with branding,” says Serre (Vogue.com). Check the photos to see how multifunctional this overall is, what various styling options! Wondering if Zara has designed a copy yet? Don't buy it, please. Buy the original.