Can Zara and H&M adopt?

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How Could Changing Consumer Trends Affect Fast-Fashion Leaders H&M And Zara?

By Stanford Stein, Forbes, February 2019 

"In recent months we’ve seen evidence that the seemingly unstoppable growth of fast fashion may be slowing, or at    least changing. It’s more than just conjecture that many of the mall’s stalwart brands have suffered at the hands of fast-fashion giants H&M and Zara, whose ability to significantly reduce time to market as well as undercut pricing of the once-iconic brands, have added to the woes of many of fashion’s specialty retailers." 

Other cultural influencers like Marie Kondo are teaching us to "love our stuff" and begin to look at what we have with   new eyes. Combine that with a strong movement away from conspicuous consumption toward seeking out and enjoying experiences and you have the makings of a change wave. Contrary to the forces behind fast fashion, there is evidence of movement by consumers of all ages and demographics toward investing in fewer, but higher-quality basics that can  be mixed, matched and re-worn, even with the addition of some great vintage accessories. There is indeed reason to believe that significant changes are underway—away from what’s trending and toward what’s stylish.

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Fashion revolution starts with simple question: "Who made your clothes?"