{50 Shades of grey, part 1}

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When you buy a piece of clothing, your instant thought is not how many times you will be able to restyle it. You start to romanticize about the piece of clothing by sort of, hallucinating at all the possible princess appearances. Exaggerating? Well a bit. But honestly, think about it. When you decide to buy something, what were your motives? Have you seen the picture of a similar dress in Vogue, or on your influencer’s IG account? Is it your favorite brands’ sales? Does your partner favors it? You need to comfort your stress out with a day of shopping vitamins? 


Let’s be wiser than that. Admit, whatever it is that we buy, we don't actually need it. We all need to plug in a device, like sort of rational stabilizator in our consumers behaviour. For example, get at least 15 possible outfits for the item you wanna buy. The real ones, not just like, “hmm, yeah, this, I’ll wear with that pants and this skirt, oh, and I have plenty of tops to go by…“ Get a pencil and write the combinations down, don’t fool yourself. In real life, it ends up being the max of 5 variations before it lands into the section of “boring“. {Space}

Of course, I haven't done anything similar with such test to verify the rightness of purchase of my Dries van Noten’s blazer. I was deceived by the two tones of fading grey and the name of the brand. My only justification is that it was second-hand. The brands luxury makes, in fact, an excuse for our purchases, with the ability to prolong the item’s life span. Firstly, you can resell it at the secondary market. Secondly, you respect the piece you wear due to its authenticity of design. Thirdly, you probably overpaid it, therefore, it is driving you to wear it more frequently. 

My greyish suit blazer was at first a solo warrior, worn mainly with jeans. I hated my lazy thinking, so I pushed myself into restyle challenge to discover the grey heaven. At the transition of two greys, the depth of grey universe opened to my imagination. I read only the first book of 50 Shades of Grey to see the non-depth of the story though. But I have to admit, I saw all three movies and grew to like the two main characters, especially him. Was the red room which started the people's imagination, the sado-mazo sex relation, which in everyday life stays as a tabu theme? The phenomenon of popularity is mysterious, but so is my devotion to color shades of this Dries van Noten blazer.

Here we go:

0. Grey + jeans 
1. Grey + black & white
2. Grey + mini skirt
3. Grey + animal pattern
4. Grey + maxi skirt
5. Grey + peach
6. Grey + suit pants

There are plenty of photos of course, so I'll post separately each styling. In this post I only show the most representative of these 6 outfits. 







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