Hi readers and followers,

I'll be short with my introduction. 

I'm a fashion designer specialized in fashion upcycling. I turned my hobby into business years ago after I quitted a job as a banker. My original profession is Master of Economics. I've never regret it. You can read more and see my work here: www.simonalampe.com

My obligation as a designer and public person is to promote sustainable fashion development which is my greatest inspiration and dream. I believe that environmental partnership is crucial for future of fashion. In my blog www.clotheswithstories.com I try to show you my personal relationship to fashion. 

My up-cycling initiative Clothes with Stories began in 2009 when I was pregnant with twins and is based on up-cycling clothes donated by influential people. Maybe the twins macigaly brought to me the idea of protecting the world, since their coexistence in the uterus demands a strong synergy the same as earth, humans and all living creatures supposed to sustain.

We all see today how sustainable practices is being exploited for greenwashing marketing. Don't bother. We all can do better with small steps, like restyling, reuse, second hand, redesign and upcycling of old, unwanted clothes. 

Clothes is your mirror, folks, don’t fuck it up. You wear shit, you will also deliver shit.

Style is art.

You are piece of art.

Your clothes tell your life stories.

Keep that in mind!


Yours truly 

Simona Lampe 



Rules of sustainable fashion consuming: 

1. Buy quality brand & high-end brand

2. Buy second-hand & vintage

3. Wear for ever = redesign, upcycle, restyle

4. Avoid fast fashion = copycats = slavery labour

5. Ask “Who made my clothes “ 

6. Support local designers